Jamaica’s capital city, largest port and economic hub for corporate and international business, Kingston, serves as the #1 Destination Town for each of our routes. Select our journeys from Montego Bay, Morant Bay or Port Antonio to Kingston and enjoy our express, direct luxury coach service for your next trip for work, business or pleasure.

Kingston Terminal: Half Way Tree Corner of Chelsea Ave 2


The tourism capital of our Island,“Mo Bay,” is the 2nd largest city and a hot spot for tourists and professionals in the the tourism industry. Choose our direct, express service to Montego Bay from Kingston. The direct service to Montego Bay will get you there fast, typically in 2.5 hours!

Montego Bay Terminal: Gloucester Avenue Across From Aqua Sol Water Park


The capital of the Parish of St. Thomas, Morant Bay is a warm , charming town free of the hustle and bustle of the city and clear of the hectic happenings of busy tourist towns. A quick 25 miles from Kingston, our direct route to Morant Bay provides a fast, comfortable, enjoyable experience for working class/ professional passengers that is affordable enough for daily work commute.

Morant Bay Terminal: TBD


The capital of the Parish of Portland, Port Antonio is one of the most beautiful and untouched areas around. This scenic city in all its simplicity, is home to some of the hardest working people in Kingston. Port Antonio’s commuting professionals deserve a comfortable, fast, reliable means to get to Kingston for work or family visits.

Port Antonio Terminal: TBD

Montego Bay Terminal
Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay
Jamaica, West Indies
Directly across from Aqua Sol Beach Theme Park
The entrance is on Gloucester Ave

Kingston Terminal
2 Chelsea Ave, Kingston 10, Jamaica, West Indies
At the corner of Half Way Tree and Chelsea Ave
The entrance is on Chelsea Ave